what Jayalalithaa, Steve Jobs and the number 35 has in common ?

The secret will be out by another 98 days, on Feb’24 2016. Alternatively read till end of this article.

I’ve been with the both blessed souls, every year atleast on that day 24 Feb, together, from some other corner of the country & world, doing a same religious thing.. What’s that…?

Okay, let’s cut the crap and come to the point.

Mashable quoted an article from their publisher muse about 35 things you should do for your career by the time you turn 35.

We’re all for flexibility. Going your own way. Paving your own path. Doing what works for you (and not doing what doesn’t).

We’re also big fans of not putting a timeline on things. We’ve even said that there are plenty of things you don’t have to have by 30 (or 40, or 50, or ever … ).

But when it comes to your career, there are some things that we do recommend getting started on sooner rather than later. Not because some all-knowing career god out there says you have to, but because you’ll make your professional future — not to mention day-to-day work life — a whole lot easier.

Let’s c the what to do for our career, life bfor v reach 35..
Tried answering my accomplishment against the 35 advises, mostly somewhat attempted, yet to see results of those attempt. Let’s c

35 mantras for age 35

  1. Really refine your elevator pitch— make a dent ?

  2. Know Your SuperPower–perseverance, optimism

  3. Know your weakness— perseverance, optimism

  4. Learn how to delegate–learnt 4 diff times. As employee of Microsoft, IBM, friend’s startup & my own world finally

  5. Know your career non-negotiables— empowerment, large complex problems(more the merrier)

  6. Do something you’re really, really proud of— I think entrepreneurship

  7. Learn from something you’re not so proud of–don’t give up & loose hope in life even u don’t have single penny in your pocket. Made a very wrong life changing decision bcos of money matters, but came out. Learnt the no-money thing is a phase of all entrepreneurs life. Never make a mistake bcos of that, will store the detailed story of that for my auto-biography

  8. Stretch your limits–may b I did this too much

  9. Do something that really scares you–taking the family alongside you on bootstrapping entrepreneurship. What would have happened if the bankrupt situation has continued ?

  10. Get comfortable with getting feedback–I’ve become a good listener these days.

  11. Get comfortable with giving feedback–never feel hesitant to give blunt feedback, don’t know whether people tk in good stride. But want to give & move on, instead hanging on

  12.  Get comfortable with saying no–learning still..

  13.  Have a broad network of people you can trust–I think I have one.

  14. Have a couple of specific career advisors— have few, but very poor in meeting them regularly. Trying to improve.

  15. Scrub your online presence— I’ll not agree with this. The feedbacks should be there so that people know that v r human being with imperfection.

  16. Perfect your LinkedIn profile–trying still..

  17. Have a portfolio of your best work–tried bringing some projects I have got involved my career in LinkedIn, but I think my 65+ endorsements are my portfolio

  18. Know how to sell (yourself or something else)–Learning

  19. Know how to negotiate–Poor negotiator once upon a time, now learnt from mistakes

  20. Know how to manage up— as an employee it was different. Now it’s a different thing

  21. Know how to send a killer email–learning

  22. Master your handshake–used to be firm. Don’t know will that suffice.

  23. Find a to-do list system that works for you— started with asana, Evernote, now back to good old notepads

  24. Know your energy levels — and use them— usually I used to be infectious & can spread my enthusiasm to my peers. But when I’m down, I’m down. Thou this happens rarely, it happens as I’m made of human flesh.

  25. Know how much sleep you need and commit to getting it–not good in this

  26. Know how to manage stress— read, read, listen, watch, play with kids. Day by Day it’s increasing as the travel & living without family is more now, need to figure out new ways.

  27. Stop over-apologizing–Want to have the fck all American attitude, miserably failing in mimicking that as its not part of the humble Indian blood

  28. Get over impostor syndrome— in entrepreneurship u try to put a show lot of times where u lack knowledge for the sake of the showmanship & sustaining the game, always feel bad for the gap. But will try to get over

  29. Have a career emergency plan–never had one. Took it as it was intrapreneurial.

  30. Pick up a side project–always was doing some official stretch side project going out of the regular role’s boundary. Even post entrepreneurship trying

  31. Invest in your retirement–never thought & planned. Need to.. May love a simple retired life in my hometown.

  32. Invest in yourself–reading, meeting new people

  33. Invest in the world— helping in own way by promoting entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, bread getter for few families who trusts me

  34. Know what you don’t want–don’t know , May be a boring 9-5 career & life

  35. Give yourself permission to go after what you do— already done, waiting for results to confirm whether the permission I have given myself is right

Source: http://mashable.com/2014/11/29/35-career-goals/

Secret behind the connection now…

I’ll be 35 by Feb 24 along with this two great personalities.

Miss. Jayalalitha and Steve Jobs celebrate their birthday by Feb 24 since 1948 and 1955 respectively.

I heard they’re both regretting about the date factor post 1981, not sure whether it’s because of this poor crappy writer/ entrepreneur.

Whether I’m really proud because of this fact? yes ! But how it matters ? really it doesn’t matter except the small coincidence.

I like both of them in different aspects. The world has tons of complaints ( even me too on few aspects) against them, but i LOVE them both for being rebel in their own nature. If i want to copy 1 quality from both of them, that’s being a rebel against the force.

Why such a long story quoting their name then with me ? It’s called viral writing 😉

It’s just going to be 12,783 days in the world when i hit 35 in Feb 24 2016. Don’t know whether i achieved many things, but confident atleast few dents.

Let’s dent together…

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