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what to learn from Zoho ?

Nov 21, 2015 5:11:50 PM / by Shanmugavel Sankaran

Last week Zoho, the "Operating System for Businesses" got DDos attacked by unidentified hackers. I've been closely observing how the issue was panning out since then. Got opportunity to talk to few people on their engineering world to provide few references voluntarily .

The interesting stuff I've seen during this toughest security incident of their entire Zoho history is, TRANSPARENCY.

They've remained in touch with all of their customers and kept communicating the developments. This is very crucial in Security Incident Management.

Very bold move Zoho.. !

As a security Industry guy, i respect the transparency you maintained through out the time.

You're supposed to teach the fellow SaaS world how to do this bold move.

It comes with culture, keep up the spirit.

All good things comes to an end ;-)
Great that too much of code writing even by your caterers ended now after this one week ordeal.

Hope the DDos naragasuran got killed, finally..

Topics: Security Incident Management, toughest, TRANSPARENCY, unidentified hackers, Zoho, Blog, DDos, Operating System for Businesses

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