Will your continuity plans in place When it matters most ?

Will your continuity plans in place When it matters most ?

Want to ask my dear #ChennaiRainsHelp about this.

Some of my entrepreneur & service industry friends felt embarrassed about me asking them this tough question.

Because they never ran short of money, which is aplenty, they lacked vision, strategy with respect security & i tried pointing it out.

Having a CeH person taking care of your pen testing and vulnerability assessment is good, it can be step Zero towards achieving excellence.

But you don’t have choice of staying there forever, improve your Information Security Management System Excellence with strategies like Business Continuity, Security Incident, Process, Policy, Controls, Risk, Audit, Fraud.

It’s not a sprint, you should be ready for a marathon.

Get off your glasses..

When something comes from me, it’s not about selling FixNix always

( though We’ve many related Business Continuity process & GRC solutions offerings, it doesn’t matter really)

Will try to share the awesome PPP(Public Private Partnership) experience working with semi-governmental efforts like Chennai Rain Relief Center ( IT properties ChennaiRains.org, CuddaloreRains.org, RainHelp ) assembling volunteers from the Tech, Silicon Valley world with our #ChennaiStrong. Even got JustDial, PolicyBazaar to do partner with us through their CSR mission.

Coming back,

Will your continuity plans in place

       When it matters most ?

The US Dept of Homeland Security Awareness Video about Business Continuity ends with this sentence


 Every second of every day somewhere in the world disasters are happening — man-made and natural — events that can harm people and businesses.

We can’t stop them occurring, but we can be prepared.

When disaster strikes, the clock is ticking; and when the clock is ticking, businesses that practice BCM are ahead of the game!

This new video explains what BCM is and why you should be doing it.


Spend few pennies out of your $ for Business Continuity and Dont regret post getting impacted.

Prevention is better than cure.

Try FixNix GRC Platform which has products on Software as Service Model through the cloud like

  • Audit Management,
  • Risk Management,
  • Business Continuity Management,
  • Incident Management,
  • Controls Management,
  • Fraud Management,
  • Asset Management,
  • Vendor Risk Management, etc

Many stand alone solutions like Whistleblower on private cloud is also there to enable the Process part of the Information Security Management System.