Startup India, Standup India…

FixNix is proud to be part of the “Startup India, Standup India” movement of Prime Minister of India, on the Government of India’s invitation.

Addressing the nation on the 69th Independence Day, Narendra Modi announced this campaign to promote bank financing for start-ups and offer incentives to boost entrepreneurship and job creation by saying

We are looking at systems for enabling start-ups.

We must be number one in start-ups… Start-up India; Stand up India.

Again he followed up with his Dec’2015  MannKiBaat monthly radio addressing to the nation on All India Radio as a voice to the general masses of India about

Jan’16 BluePrint Day for the movement.


Can India be a ‘Start-up Capital’?

On January 16, the government of India will unveil the full Action Plan of  Start-up India, Stand-up India…

A structure will be presented before you.

This should not be limited to only some cities but spread to every nook and corner of the country.


FixNix got Invited by Mr.Ravinder IAS, ‎Director at Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion(DIPP), Government of India among the handful they have selected from 1,000 s of startups across the country.

The first request on Dec 24 came from DIPP was to submit our story as video to see whether they can feature it on the workshop day.

4-Jan-2016, 4am IST Update
Finally we have made the 1 minute video for  DIPP showcase selection.
Music director Ilayaraja came handy with his latest peppy number to convey our peppy aspirations. Wanted to highlight our Tamil culture in this national forum in case if we get selected. Let’s dent it !
Share your thoughts, likes in our youtube channel itself.


Still thinking and preparing a theme for the video of story.

Anybody want to help us in making this video, write to , we’ve one week left..

Here’s the formal invite which came on Dec 27 for the Jan’16 National “Startup India, Standup India” blueprint workshop and launch in New Delhi.

I want FixNix to win badly in such forums, as we are great living proof that we neither have a mammoth investor group backing us, lobbying for our win, nor some political or influential GodFather

Kindly wish us luck…. 🙂


Even President of India recently endorsed this program and requested the youth of India to pursue Entrepreneurship.

During his Silicon Valley, he has gathered lot of inputs from all the Valley Mammoths and mandated DIPP to run this “Startup India, Standup India”.