Did we poach Jay Vijayan from Tesla ?


Correction 1: We have not poached Jay Vijayan from Tesla πŸ™‚ There’re couple of references on that note, in print edition as “CIO of FixNix” 29-March-2016 Economic Times. Have intimated the correspondent for correction in web version and correction note tomorrow in print.

Correction 2: After Tamil Entrepreneurs forum, Jay Vijayan has met us few times, explored in his individual capacity and entrepreneurial heart, may be with his Tesla CIO brains too, as an end buyer about the product maturity, as he would have looked at & tried many GRC products including our billion $ competitors like RSA Archer to Metricstream, as part of his past role there.

Though now, his personal lead angel investment in our pre-series A, has not coming from Tesla or Elon πŸ™‚

It may get us to Tesla buy the product, eventually post a detailed pilot, at this moment we do not want to comment about a Tesla ride.

Β Elon Musk would make his double bond with Chennai when Vellore, T N-based startup Fix-Nix moves to the metropolis and continue a pilot for Tesla Motors

Who knows whether Elon Musk has kitty to buy the 100k solution from FixNix? πŸ™‚

More than Tesla money, we respect grass root grown IT Leader Jay Vijayan’s personal $.

Nothing to worry about our future, We’re working with Tata motors and closed a pilot and a immediate 500K pipeline from banks through

RBI- Partnership & other stuffs we’ve been carrying out globally in Singapore, USA with large enterprises, governments. May be we ride to TN code with Tata Motors to start and get a Tesla Model S also eventually with FixNix. πŸ˜‰

Apologies for the inconvenience. We believe this has happened because lack of understanding of few parts of our press release or few misunderstanding during the interview we had with the correspondent.

Overall, it was a exciting article covered other financials, growth plans, mentors, contemporaries of http://FixNix.co. Thanks ET for getting us the national exposure.

We’re referring about our 500K pre-series A fund raise news in Economic Times today.