Life in a startup- A whole new experience

“There is nothing more educating than working in a startup”. I come from a

complete non-tech background. When I was doing my MBA in marketing, I figured

out where my interest was.

“Marketing”, I said my dad who was totally reluctant to say yes. But he knew for a

fact that he had to.

Holding a PG degree in hand and having a couple of offers, I stood there, confused

and helpless. On one hand, a high paying MNC company and other hand is an

intern offer from a startup that is just kicking off.

So which one do you think is a smart choice?

An MNC company with high pay and attractive benefits? Or a great startup where

you actually want to take a chance and plunge in? I chose the startup. Since

wasn’t quite a tech savvy person, I felt that it could be a hinder my performance,

fortunately it did not! Thanks to the awesome bunch of people to guide me.

Who said working in a startup for a fresher is completely disadvantageous in the

long run?? It’s absolutely not!

Startups normally don’t employ a lot of people, so every person counts. Every

step you make, creates an impact.

I was put into a small island where I was responsible for a list of things which I

loved to work on…and sometimes, not so much!

Well, the motivation given by the team pushed me to be more productive and

more reliable and more versatile than any other projects or group assignments, I

have undertaken in my college days. Though I knew for a fact that I wasn’t one of

the important person in my team but being an integral part of it pushed me to

explore further. Being recognized for the work you have been doing is definitely

the best motivator!

In a startup, you should learn to be the Jack of All Trades, because of the minimal

resources, you are asked to wear multiple hats. FixNix allowed me to try on

different hats which helped me to figure out the perfect fit for my comfort. I

learnt from my failures and what not? –

The Awesome Work Atmosphere!!

Everyone at Fixnix has the same drive and excitement! You can come up with your

own product or solutions. If it’s feasible, you get to smell the sweet scent of

success. *wink*.

At the end of the day, in a startup, success is always narrowed upon the small

team you are working with. It’s all about the time constraints and taking chances.