Who is the pioneer of Cloud GRC ?

FixNix is not !
But We want to straighten the myth set by few large GRC players off late.

Who are the pioneers of cloud GRC ?
Figure out..

but SaaS GRC ?
We want to make the world clear that we may be a humble part of the GRC world who made the industry think SaaS (Software as a Service), pay as per use, on the go, more importantly self subscription and going live within 1 minute of subscription.

How different Cloud is from SaaS ?
There were many who claimed they have cloud offering, but SaaS is letting people experience it immediately through the cloud, pay for it. Have not seen the phenomenon of 1 minute sign up with anyone in GRC world as an entrepreneur watching it very actively.

Small proof here. We asked the world in Quora, creating a section called GRC, 5 years before.

FixNix : Why is no body in the security world taking cloud seriously still, and democratizing the cost, TCO & affordability part of their solutions for the companies?

FixNix : What can be done to help SMEs maintain a book for security through ISMS ? Similar to accounting books that help in catering to and adhering to lot of governmental regulations wrt the local accounting standards.

Are there any Information Security Management System (ISMS) catering to small, medium enterprises (SME/SMB)?

There are 100s who came and left in the past 4.5 years of FixNix existence.
Governance, Risk and Compliance is not a straight copy cat enterprise software world as it’s evolving still and there’s no single straight route.

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