Wanted to dedicate this piece of work to our country India

FixNix Year III Anniversary Celebrations- Part 1

Nov'22 2012 to Nov'22'2015

Member,Cyber Security Task Force of India.

Got invited for few activities of National Cyber Security Awareness Month here in US Last month, October


My frustration level went up when i found billion$ security companies to training institutions to water supply company to defense agencies to 100 other firms joining this effort under one single window all across the country supporting the mission of "National Cyber Security Awareness Month".

America is so successful because they seriously foresee what's coming in the future, be it tech or many other stuffs, get their acts together.


As a country, if we can imbibe in getting all such interested variety of stakeholders to promote Cyber Security to school kids to industry, we'll have better run way.

I am writing this with saddened heart, many months back one of my very well funded entrepreneur friend mocked at me by not responding to my help to fix hi attack thinking security business is all snake oil selling. If that's the maturity of an very well funded entrepreneur, think about others.

Every body in our country takes cyber security as cosmetic, which is not true.

In Microsoft world, I was part of those teams who defined the SDL "Security Development Lifecycle" where security becomes part of applications, products in each and every step of the company.

Let's nix it from Grass Roots !