Ireland government wants to Fcuk me ;-)

Reproduced with permisson from cheif Nixer :

Can a country do that to one person, it may very tough i suppose.

If they try and I get to have that experience will try to video blog and enlighten the world.

Coming back to the issue, why they want to do 'that' with this humble, simple entrepreneur sitting in one of the remotest corner of India, Vellore & trying to make a dent in the world building a global compliance product, GRC from his FixNix Incorporation ?

The simple entrepreneur unforunately got selected for 2 diff things

Govt of India & Data Security Council of India-DSCI (An initiative of National Association of Software and Service Companies-NASSCOM) has handpicked FixNix InfoSec Solutions Pvt Ltd to be part of a trade delegation our India Home Minister Shri.Rajnath Singh has been invited by Israel government.

WebSummit has selected Shanmugavel Sankaran, Chief Nixer of FixNix Inc., to be part of it as a speaker. Interestingly he was one among the 10 public voted speakers invited to lead panels on diff topic under People Panel and People stage. Alongwith it he has been selected to help WebSummit team to volunteer as part of 150+ Live team which is supposed to interface with world through live blogging, tweeting, facebooking, streaming of events via social media.

FixNix got selected in early september itself as part of prestigious ALPHA program of WebSummit with full discounted price €9,950 to €1,450 with the package 2 attendee tickets, plus a complimentary exhibition stand for one of the three days to display. Since he’s bootstrapping and the ALPHA pitch involved cost, he gave a miss long back.

Visa processing of Israel took it’s own time till 30-Oct since 20-Oct. Also WebSummit team has sent the speaker registration code on Oct’22 only to register WebSummit on it’s speaker panel leader invite and since the code was not working it could be done only by Oct’28 after fresh code issue. So the WebSummit registration could be done only after the passport is gone to Israel embassy for stamping.

After receiving the passport from Israel embassy by fast tracking the case on 30-Oct, the Chief Nixer went to New Delhi on 31-Oct, Friday morning as suggested by Ireland Embassy of India to VFS visa processing center. This too abrubting his attending event, NASSCOM product conclave (NPC) where FixNix won a presitigious award, NASSCOM Emerge-50.

After submitting the visa in Delhi VFS office by morning, represented the case with NASSCOM to help. NASSCOM gave personal calls to the embassy in attempt and also issued a request to fast track considering an exception.

Chief Nixer started his nixing mission since Friday noon with Ireland embassy in Delhi to submit the letter.

Nobody Irish in the embassy has ears except that poor Indian security and one Indian lead counsellor. Nobody is allowed to represent their case.

There’s no structure to hear the visa appeal, visa fast tracking, visa application direct submission, etc.

No waiting lounge for the applicants who’re hear to represent, talk, brief, wait to see the results of visa appeal. We were asked to sit in the road or a park next to the embassy in open sun.

Not sure whether all Irish citizens will accept such treatment if its meted out our Indian embassy in your country Ireland ?

Security of embassy told we can try coming on Saturday as sometimes they heed to urgent requests if there’re somebody coming.

Except Sunday, the chief nixer of FixNix was waiting in the roads of Maulcha marg of New Delhi to see whether he can make it to Ireland on Friday, Saturday and Monday, till Tuesday evening.

He has blocked tickets on Monday night and postponed the same to Tuesday night.

Monday evening he could talk to a real Indian soul working for the Embassy sharing the case, delay due to Israel visa and WebSummit invite code for registration.

He has shared that there must be communications from MEA , shared his request to few friends of FixNix in external affairs. Heeding to that as well as the genuinity behind the delay, she has asked him to come on Tuesday 4-Nov to see whether he can make it to the rest 2 days of the event.

Believing on this, Chief nixer went and requested WebSummit team to see whether they can reschedule the talk on 4-Nov to 5-Nov, second day of the event.

In between he started helping WebSummit remotely as a tweeter to help them as part of the LIVE team as committed. He sent a request to Ireland govt also via tweets to see if there’s any chance to fast track since Friday.

On Tuesday morning, there was no update. On evening also, though they heard many other cases, they didn’t take any decision.

Finally after crying foul, the chief nixer was allowed to speak over phone to Irish counselor and he said 2 days is impossible. They were not counting the day it got submitted to VFS and claimed they’re an courier agent. Why not follow US model where VFS will sit in your premise if you don’t want to count the day when your representative VFS is collecting from applicant ?

When the day of the embassy was getting closed, Chief nixer thought a moment about Narendra Modi. Though he has tons of strong opinions about lot of policies of the new government and it’s help extended to his state TamilNadu, etc. he had a love for the Sardar Vallabhai Patel type boldness exhibited by his country’s first people leader person.

In the past he has publicly appreciated about Narendra Modi’s boldness to wait for few years to go back to the same country with all red carpet as people’s elected leader which unceremoniously rejected his visa.

He requested the security to give a connection to the lead Indian asst counselor to withdraw the application for visa. Have not heard such requests before they were quite surprised and again consulted with Irish counselor.

After long round of consultation and wait, the chief nixer was allowed to come inside the embassy for first time, not to collect visa. If you think so, you’re seeing tons of Bollywood movies of Sharuk khans and Hrithik Roshans.

In reality, it doesn’t happen that way. He was confident he’s dealing with the strict catholic country which don’t mind taking a life like Dr. Savita {} and enlightening to be humane, enact a law after such mishap.{


The call was to return the passport and do an inquiry, the humble poor 1st generation entrepreneur applicant, Chief Nixer, Shanmugavel Sankaran told them that it’s to enable his further travel plans as part of trade delegation to Israel with Indian Government.

While accepting his request he was told he can collect the visa and can get it stamped eventually to travel, he made it clear that he has no more plans to travel as the WebSummit was the only attractive feature because of which he wanted to travel to Ireland.

He was having very high hopes to meet likeminded investors as tons of the world’s technology peers like uber did in the grt hubspt like Ireland.

“Two of Uber’s funders, Scott Stanford and Shervin Pishevar, formed the basis of Sherpa Ventures after spending time together at the Web Summit in Dublin in 2012.”

If the chief man in mission of MakeInIndia, Mr.Narendra Modi { } comes to know about the below para, he may volunteer all assistance to the team WebSummit in Goa or wherever they are keen to host in India if they have issues in welcoming entrepreneurs to the event.

“Just what sort of economic impact does the Web Summit really have? It may be Europe’s largest technology conference, but does it produce real commercial deals?

Four years ago, Paddy Cosgrave was putting the finishing touches to a fledgling tech conference from a bedroom with two co-founders, ex-journalist Daire Hickey and young accountant David Kelly. From tomorrow, the Web Summit, employing over 100 people, will commandeer the entire RDS for Europe's largest tech conference.

The conference has become a global phenomenon, with over 20,000 people in attendance, hundreds of startups and many of the world’s most senior investors.

But the wider economic impact of the conference is now starting to become apparent, both in Ireland and for companies abroad.

For Dublin, the conference has had a major impact on inward investment, according to several senior tech company executives.

Several high profile companies have set up in Dublin in the aftermath of visiting the Web Summit.

Dropbox is one. Having originally come to Dublin in 2011 for the Web Summit, it announced a Dublin office subsequently.”

When the author of this post tweeted about this poor treatment meted out by Ireland embassy and apologized WebSummit speaker & Live team for not coming , Govt of Ireland is lambasting

Chief Nixer responds as below,

Don’t have any answer except a strong laugh and my past tweet to the Ireland Government.

Though it was not rejection and they were willing to consider at their SLA, I think they might have got furious by the last expression in the withdrawal letter where i said,

'I come from a country which has produced Prime Minister out of a visa rejectee' ;-)

This sums up all


Even after all this I still love you Ireland, but may not bend/kneel down for the saking of visiting you...

Better luck next time and chill..