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Tier-3 builds on strengths in analytics, compliance, automation and incident response with Huntsman® 5.75

Nov 28, 2014 10:58:05 PM / by Shanmugavel Sankaran posted in fixnix, FixNix Security, Governance, grc, Huntsman, incident management, Risk Management, Tier-3, audit management, BCM, Blog, compliance, risk


Tier-3 Pty Ltd, a leading vendor of Security Information and Incident Management software, and manufacturer of Huntsman® technology today released the latest version of its market leading Defence-grade Huntsman® cyber security monitoring solution.

Huntsman® provides real-time threat detection, true behavioural anomaly detection, context awareness, threat intelligence and comprehensive incident management capabilities that allow organisations to detect, prioritise and respond to both known and unknown security threats in real-time.

Huntsman® 5.75 includes live Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) dashboards that provide a real-time, live view of security compliance status across an organisation. The dashboards are configurable, hence enabling operations as well as senior management stakeholders immediate clarity around key business risk areas aligned to the standards they must meet.  For the managed security service provider (MSSP) and cloud provider market this technology can also deliver a view of security, risk and compliance across multiple customer environments or systems from a single, continuously updated display.

Turning security and system data into actionable business information is a key capability of the Huntsman solution.

The latest version also adds a completely new alert tracking capability that allows complete control, customisation and embedding of the escalation and support workflow covering threat detection, triage, analysis investigation and resolution into the Huntsman alert handler and Incident Management interface.

“Many cyber security monitoring solutions see the point of detection as if it is the only thing that matters; for analysts that is just where the hard work starts,” said Piers Wilson, Tier-3’s Head of Product Management. “Huntsman’s ability to manage detected alerts, support automated workflows and enrich data throughout the incident lifecycle means bringing the time to threat resolution right down to give senior management complete visibility of their current status.  This really sets us apart.”

In addition, Huntsman® 5.75 has extended its threat context and threat intelligence functionality, providing even greater accuracy when identifying potentially dangerous known and unknown threats.  It also provides several process, operational and time saving enhancements for security analysts that allows them to concentrate on their key task: protecting the organisation.

“Industry experts agree that these enhancements are a key technical differentiator and we believe that this update reinforces the position of Huntsman® at the vangurad of the cyber security market,” added Piers Wilson. “Too many security solutions protect only against known threats, which have already been identified. Huntsman® plays a vital role in protecting against unknown threats that cannot, by their very nature, be easily recognised or predicted.”Huntsman 5.75® is available now across all territories.

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